When I install the latest version, the ID Engine does not get updated


The ID Engine is a separate module of the software from the Month and version of Verex-ID. It is important to make sure your ID Engine is up to date. 

Most false positive scans ( a real ID failing a test like Risk Factor )  occur is due to an out-of-date ID Engine and can be corrected with a simple update. 

If your ID engine is out of date, you will get a warning message when you start up Verex-ID.  Your software will still run, but newly released IDs might not be covered. This is why the updates are important.

So how does this happen, even if you are running the latest published version of the software?

If your computer has not been on-line in a long time to communicate with the license server, or your license was not activated correctly,  you could be running an old - out of date- engine, even though the Month and Version appear to be the most current.  Please see the steps below to correct this.

First, check your software license status:

Look for the round Verex-ID icon in the lower right corner of the screen, next to time and date. Right-click on it and click on "Activate License".

If it says that maintenance expired, click on “Activate License” to refresh it. The expiration should change to a date in the future. Close this window, close the Verex-ID program and install the latest version again. Re-open Verex-ID. The ID Engine should get updated.

Second: If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you will have to activate your license manually (see the attached PDF guide for instructions).

If maintenance does not refresh, contact us – there might be an issue with your software license.

If maintenance refreshed but the ID Engine still does not get updated, contact us for help.

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